Weekly Services


Our normal weekly services are as follows;


8:00am - Said Communion (40 minutes)

10:00am - Parish Communion (60 minutes)

NB Occasionally our two services are combined and there is one service at 10:00am. Please check “The Weekly Sheet” tab.

Monday - 12 noon - Angelus & Holy Communion (30 minutes)

Wednesday - 9:30am - Morning Prayer (20 minutes).

1st Wednesday of month - 11:00am Prayer Group (Drop In)

Thursday - 10:00am - Holy Communion. (30 minutes)  Service changed to 7:00pm if there is a PCC Meeting at 7:30pm.

There is an adjacent tab for The Weekly Sheet on the left. The Weekly Sheet is also displayed outside of church and shows details and timings of the week’s events in church etc.